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Recapping the 2019 Modern Business Experience Conference

March 22, 2019 recently attended the 2019 Modern Business Experience Conference in Las Vegas, NV.  This annual conference hosts finance, human resources, and supply chain professionals and offers more than 200 breakout sessions through the 3 – Day conference.  With key insights into future releases as well as learning the latest technologies and applications the conference provides insights into where the future can take us.

This year’s theme was mostly focused around Chat Bots and the practical usage as well and the emergence of Artificial Intelligence.  These technologies are just in the beginning phases and most are trying to assess where the practical usage will be.

For additional reviews of Modern Business Experience,  hear from Jon Reed and Brian Sommer as they host “Diginomica Episode - #51” and re-cap and summarize the themes from Oracle CX/MBX

Diginomica Episode 51

Reed, Jon & Sommer, Brian, Hosts. "Diginomica Episode - #51 - Jon Reed and Brian Sommer summarise the themes from Oracle CX/MBX." Diginomica Podcast, Podbean, 21 March. 2019.

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