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Data Warehousing

Projects don’t just stop at Implementation Services.  Most Cloud projects do not convert multiple years of historical data.  So what do you do now?  Let our team of consultants help you by building a Data Warehouse to allow you access to your critical historical data.  Our solutions help you minimize costs and bring all your disparate systems data in to one location.  Additionally, our teams can help connect your legacy systems to the Cloud Reporting and Analytics tools to allow for one set of reporting.

Middleware Tools

Data Integrity doesn’t just stop at conversions or applications.  To be a complete solution, you need to be able to make to integrate to your systems. has used industry leading middleware tools to help integrate systems.

  • Oracle Integration Cloud Service: Leveraging the standard connectors available to connect Oracle ERP cloud with various other platforms like SFDC, Oracle Commerce Cloud and various other internal systems. Designed, Developed and Delivered the integrations using OIC
  • Talend: One of the niche open source middleware systems that helps with the extraction, transformation and integrating with various business applications. is one of the preferred system integrators that has integrated Oracle using Talend for day to day business operations like Payroll, Vendor file exchange, EDI and customer portal integrations.

Custom Application Development

Cloud Applications were built on the concept of add-on applications. has built numerous applications to bolt onto existing cloud applications to help organizations meet their immediate needs.


Our team of developers having taken Accessibility to the next level.  By melding industry standard tools like JAWS, has successfully enhance the Oracle Cloud ERP applications to allow visually impaired users to be fully functional in the Oracle applications.  Through the use of these combined tools employees are empowered to work independently and efficiently.  Our solutions allow employees to register for benefits, change their address information, enter and process Sales Orders and Purchase Orders.  We have also coupled technologies to enable employees to process order picking and shipping.   We are not done yet; our developers are busy working on the next generation release to take Accessibility even further.  

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What Options Are Right For You?

Each company has their own vision of the Cloud. Let our experienced team navigate the various Cloud options companies are providing. We will help you navigate the options and provide you comparisons so you can select the best option that meets your needs.

Cloud Consulting Offerings:

  • Fixed-scope technical upgrades for shorter times to go-live.
  • Full range of re-implementation options that accommodates current business models.
  • Multi-phased options by geography, line of business, module or a combination
  • Upgrade options that leverage “out of the box” functionality to lower TCO
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